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Fear is Complex

Kathy—Exasperation is only on our side of any situation. Exasperation always boils down to our focus.   Our focus is the desperate need, the unanswered prayers, and the injustice that we feel.  And the tormenting factor that is at the root of all of that, is fear.  And fear is complex. It is a fear of loss and a fear of unbearable consequences and at the same time a fear of personal failure. 
The only antidote is to move our focus to God who does not fear.  He sees much more than the details that torment us. And His nature and character do not change or bend under the weight of threats.  The only way to step out of exasperation is to step into simple trust. God knows the details. God cares. And God will do what ever is possible to be done concerning our concerns.

Exasperations Without Benefit

(Kathy) 1st—There is no condemnation from the Lord for your exasperation. 2nd—Neither is there any benefit or leverage in your exasperation.  Sometimes, to some of us, it may feel like there is because it feels like we have a case before God that He has to address. And certain exasperations get us to believing that our feelings make Him our Debtor because He won’t address it. But the truth is that God is a debtor to no man. Because He is good and cannot be anything else, He is not withholding or refusing to act. We have to focus on that TRUTH.  We have to anchor our heart and emotions on truth rather than how we feel.