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People Who Line up With a Plan

God is looking for a people who will line up with a plan that has been in existence for eons. God “framed,” “completed,” “fit for Himself the ages (Heb.11:3) with sound. He sounded out that which fit His purposes. The ages have been “fit for Himself” therefore the machinations and agendas of men will not fit or find a place of fulfillment in them.

God’s Order = God’s Effectiveness

When Israel broke camp in the wilderness, it was God’s command that Judah go out first (Num 2:9). The first prince to offer sacrifice for the dedication of the altar (Num 7:12) was the prince of the tribe of Judah. When the nation of Israel went out to war, God chose Judah to go out first (Num 10:14; Jud 20:18). It wasn’t because Judah was something special on a stick; it wasn’t some kind of archaic hierarchy which no one understood but bowed to it just the same. That was God’s effectiveness. God’s order will result in the enemy being defeated. Many times the enemy will see the ark, the dancers, tambourines and worshipers and simply run without putting up a fight because of God’s effective order. The many agendas of the democratically inclined and the special interests groups will not win the battle. They will bog the army down in the quagmire of men’s agendas.