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An Eye-opener

Melissa — Having a relationship with the King is an eye-opener: You are not junk.  You have not messed up your fictitious “one shot”.  You do not have to live with sickness and pain.  You most certainly DO have something to deposit where you are and where He takes you.  You/we are here for a purpose beyond occupying space and time.  You are here to make a difference.  There is healing in knowing this! 

What I Carry

Melissa — Now that it is settled that (1) you are not junk, (2) You have not messed up your “one shot”, and (3) you do not have to live with sickness and pain, let’s step back to get an even bigger view, and ask the right questions:
– So, due to the above stated facts, is what I am going through right now because of what I carry and NOT because I have been forgotten? 

– Is this physical issue I’m dealing with simply the poison being pulled to the top so that I can be delivered of a long-cycling issue? 
– Is this heaviness from the war in the atmosphere, and I carry the words to change that?

What we Need Right Now

FloodWaterGateMelissa — God simply does not produce junk.  He didn’t create humanity with only “one shot” to make it a good life, so “you better not mess up” or get sick in the process or “your life is over”.  We have in us what we need right now, at this moment in time, for ourselves AND for our nation.  Dare I even say, for the world.  We have it because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ which opens us up to be a floodgate of Heaven on earth.