Daily Devotions

Whose Rules and Whose Results?

MELISSA—It’s making sense now why we don’t see many signs, wonders and miracles.  We have lived so long under and believed the rules of engagement of an evil agenda. As disgusting as this is let me say it like this, we have basically had a relationship with this evil agenda causing us to operate under man’s wisdom that has been shaped by the fear this agenda produces to the point that we have almost been completely sterilized by it.  Who knew how massive the deception had become? This is why this awakening is coming in phases and not all in one event.  It’s too big for one moment. The rules of engagement change when my relationship is with my King and not the enticing spirit of the age.  When my identity comes from relationship with Him I don’t live by society’s rules on life, love and prosperity.  I live by Kingdom rules.  The intensity has cranked up but it’s leading to a Kingdom invasion through those that engage to win.

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