Daily Devotions

Not too Weary or too Weak

KATHY–HOWEVER, I declare we are not too weary or too weak to participate with our God because we know what the Lord told Judah that day in 2Ki 19:6, and I believe it’s a prophetic word for us today.  God is going to deliver His people and our nation from Evil!  We need to be AWARE of that and PARTICIPATE!  The Lord said through Isaiah:  “Don’t be afraid.  It’s Me that’s being blasphemed.  Behold, I will put a spirit in (your enemy) so that he will hear a rumor and return to his own land, and I will cause him to fall by the sword there.”  That sounds like God’s gonna turn the tables. It sounds like our enemies will be taken out by insiders and their own camp will betray them.  Sure enough, in Hezekiah’s distress the word of the Lord came to pass. Whether Sennacherib believed Judah’s God would help them or not, he heard the rumor of the Angel of God massacre that left 185,000 Assyrian corpses in their camp! So Sennacherib “got out of Dodge”, but when he went back home, his own sons killed him. Isaiah’s prophetic word already came to pass then and it will once again.  We are not likely to hear it on the 6:00pm fake news, but God is sending angels to help us prevail over this present darkness.  Whether that darkness is evil politics or greedy schemes or 100 year old strongholds or impossible situations or personal wars in our backyard, we are being delivered from evil!

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