Daily Devotions

Engagement and Awakening

MELISSA—Where do rules of engagement fit into awakening? I looked up a definition and here’s what I found: “a directive issued by a military authority controlling the use and degree of force, especially specifying circumstances and limitations for engaging in combat.”  This makes sense in military terms, but how does this fit in everyday life? I began to think about what we went through in 2020, and are currently dealing with in 2022 and rules of engagement took on a whole new meaning.  Rules of engagement for us is how we handle the war we are in and how we see the outcome of said war.

One response

  1. Mark 9:23 applies here. As a Veteran, Authority is more than the general, it is mindset of victory no matter what! If a soldier Believes, he/she will fight for that victory to their last breath! Just a tidbit!

    November 29, 2022 at 7:56 am

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