Daily Devotions

They Forsook the One True God

KATHY—We need an Awakening as badly as Judah did in 2Kings 17. They had forgotten their God.  They had forsaken their one true God, Yahweh and even closed the door to the temple and nailed it shut.  2Kings 17:16-17, could be copy from today’s newspaper:  The people  disobeyed all the commands of the LORD.  They made idols of gold and built altars to gods and goddesses and they worshiped the stars. They indulged in all the black arts of magic and sorcery. . . They sank so low as to sacrifice their own sons and daughters! These things are literally happening in our churches, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, small towns, movies and even cartoons, but most assuredly, (as it reads in the last line of verse 17), GOD HAD ENOUGH. 

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