Daily Devotions

A Brand New Timeline

MELISSA–Over the last couple of days I have realized how much my thinking is changing.  You know that life timeline running in your subconscious? The one where, you don’t even realize, you have presupposed thoughts of how your life may go? Well, just the other day I came to the realization that mine has a ton of influence from the aforementioned agendized societal norms. This timeline has been so governed by what we’ve seen instead of what is coming.  All of a sudden I saw a clean whiteboard and knew that meant that my timeline is brand new! I’m not limited to the expectations of a life built while I was asleep at the wheel! I am now free to live in His abundance which means being a living expression of His Kingdom on this earth. This is such revitalizing news! THIS – IS – AWAKENING, and it’s for all of us. 

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