Daily Devotions

Witnessing the Manifestation of the Kingdom

KATHY–Mary’s experience in the first chapter of Luke is a vivid example of awakening. The angel Gabriel came from standing in the presence of God to make Mary aware of God’s plan.  As a Jewish girl, Mary had heard that God would send the Messiah to earth, but when Gabriel explained she was part of that plan, he turned a light on for her to a never-before-in-history, unique awareness!  And she responded to Gabriel’s declaration and revelation with,  “Be it unto me according to your word.”  With that response Mary stepped into a life-changing awakening, a world-changing awakening.  In fact, it was the beginning of the Greatest Awakening in history and one that has never stopped rippling through history.  Neither did it ever stop rippling through Mary’s life.  Her awakening ushered her into the Kingdom of God as she watched her son grow and heard Him teach about God and His Kingdom.  She saw Jesus operating in Kingdom authority by ruling over nature when He spoke to the storm and when He walked on water.  She saw Him take dominion over evil spirits and sickness and even death.  In real time, Mary witnessed the Kingdom of God manifesting in the earth.  Simultaneously, there was an awakening going on inside Mary that connected her to her identity, her purpose and her position in destiny and established her as chosen and affirmed by her Father God.  Awakening brought her into a Father/Daughter relationship.

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