Daily Devotions

Sophisticated Monsters

KATHY–While working for his father and helping to support his family, David faced the intimidating, mouthy, monstrous Goliath in his day. Today we are facing a more sophisticated monster with many mouths. Nevertheless, like Goliath, this monster has stood on the battlefield, arrayed in armor that implied its own success and presumed to set the parameters for battle. A giant’s voice launched an attack on the ear, the mind and the heart of the hearers (as has the voice of the monster’s fake media). The voice appealed to reason and logic, to narrow everyone’s thinking down to a dark, one-sided agenda. For 40 days, twice daily, Goliath challenged Israel to be “reasonable” and believe that he had thought things out and was offering the best scenario for all concerned.  Are we talking giants, monsters or politicians or all of the above?  (Did I mention bullies lie?) Daily the giant and monster were convincing them that the outcome was a given so they might as well just suck it up, get it over with and walk into slavery, (with the least bloodshed possible, especially on their side). Bullies will threaten and intimidate with brute strength or accusation or blackmail or logic or sentiment or an edge of superiority (in knowledge, intellect, reason, information, experience, wealth, age, etc.).  An experienced bully can even swing to the other end of the spectrum and use his own neediness or weaknesses or lack of self-worth to manipulate people and events.  In fact, a cunning bully can make a weapon of most anything.  For example, he can condemn someone into action by manipulating their “sense of responsibility”.   Then he can twist his own “sense of responsibility” to justify his brutal or selfish behavior.  The bottom line is that an established bully intends to be king of the mountain . . . at any cost.   

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