Daily Devotions

The Intriguing Samson

When studying the intriguing story of Samson, we must look closer to get the truth of Samson’s “call to the Lord” in Jud.16:28. Basically, the word “called” means “cry out;” “utter loud sound.” But Strong says that it is the idea of “accosting a person met”. Others have said that it is the idea of encounter. Accost means “to approach and speak to often in a challenging and aggressive way.” Encounter can mean “to engage in conflict with; a sudden often violent clash.” When you accost a person that you meet as you are going along, you might tend to grab hold of them to make sure you have their attention. You could possibly even shake them a bit or go so far as to wrestle about with them if necessary in order to get their attention or get your point across. With all of this evidence it appears that Samson’s agreement with grinding ceased and desisted and he sought out the face of God with much vigor and determination, ready for a resurrection experience. It was no slight moment-of-inspiration speech or action. It was desire, nay, desperation in action! Samson began to call upon God to finish what he had started in him — no halfway job, no stone left unturned, not even a reasonable facsimile thereof but the full promise fulfilled.

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