Daily Devotions

The Victory is at Hand

MELISSA—Back to my visit with Sir Winston. He told me, “The victory is at hand” and “The rebuild will be supernatural.”  These statements came from a witness of the great cloud.  He was telling me that what you see is not what will be.  This was an exhortation straight from the King released through a known tenacious fighter. This has been ringing over and over in my head and I have to stand on it.  No matter what it looks like right now or even in the coming days, the victory is at hand and this mess will be overturned supernaturally! We don’t have to figure out the rebuild. There are already plans in motion and we should expect to be working side by side with the supernatural in the days ahead.  The victory and the rebuild are assured, but when these things happen in the midst of awakening we best be ready for the extraordinary to unfold around us, in us and through us.  My descriptions of what is coming may seem a bit vague but that’s because I haven’t seen the details of what this supernatural rebuild looks like.  I just know all the way down to my toenails that this is going to be huge, amazing, beautiful and breathtaking!  
(Melissa will be one of the worship leaders at the FMCI Fall Conference in Frisco,TX Oct.24-26. All info for the conference may be found at fmci org.)

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