Daily Devotions

No Bind and Blind

The “grinder” of Philistine bones somehow became the grinder of Philistine grain (Jud 16:21). Under the mandate and empowering of Jehovah, Samson had crushed the bones of those who oppressed God’s people, Israel. Now he is grinding grain which will help sustain the enemies of God. He is way out of position. He was born to destroy the Philistine strangle-hold upon Israel and the purposes of God in her but, instead, is prospering the enemy of God by grinding the grain that will give them strength to oppress Israel further. Dagon was the Philistine god of grain, thereby, making Samson’s act of grinding grain an act of worship unto a false god per the paradigm of Philistine theology. By this time, he is way dead to his purpose. I once overheard a conversation about a well-known preacher who committed adultery. Discussion was about the tragic  and pitiful fix he had now found himself in. One individual made the remark, “Sin will make a fool out of you”. Warriors must constantly be on guard for the consistent numbing effects and exposure to the sight, sound and sense of defilement so that the enemy cannot bind and blind them.

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