Daily Devotions

His Plan is Victory

MELISSA GABLER—Here’s what I realize, God has a plan for this earth and it does not include allowing things to get so out of hand that He has to rescue us out. His plan is victory.  He sent Jesus to solidify that victory and Jesus became the door for us to walk in His victory (John 10:9-10). We are not going to change God’s mind about this if we just decide to throw our hands up and give up.  If we don’t make our stand right here, right now then it will be left to some generation down the line to make the stand after no telling what kind of apocalyptic hell on earth. Therefore, giving up is not an option. We have been groomed for this moment. We get to be here at this moment to be Kingdom representatives in the middle of the greatest battle of our lifetime. It’s time for the Church to be what we were meant to be. Get ready, we are only feeling the tremors to a massive shaking that must come. The remainder of the decade will be phenomenal. (Melissa will be leading worship and speaking at Kingdom Congress 2023 Mar.1-3, 2023)

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