Daily Devotions

Being Developed

Melissa — Back in the day, I used to have my own darkroom where I developed pictures.  The process it took to walk out with a picture is quite remarkably like the past era we have been in.  You start in a very dark room with a safe light, take a piece of light sensitive paper, put a negative between the paper and a white light and it burns an image on that paper. Now, you can’t see that image… yet.  Next you put that paper in DEVELOPER, but you don’t just leave it there.  You have to agitate that paper until the image starts to appear.  Then you move it into a stop bath which stops the developing process.  You don’t want an over-developed picture, it’s overdone. You agitate it some more to make sure the picture stops developing.  Then you move it into something called “fix” which gets rid of extra particles and keeps the final product from being sensitive to light.  Agitate some more.  Then finally, the picture gets put into a water bath to clear it of chemicals so it is ready to be presented.  Oh, you agitate it some more to make sure those chemicals are washed off.  Lastly, you let that picture dry and it is ready to be presented.  That’s just the process it takes for the picture to be developed.  The film development, the captured/intended image, happens in complete darkness! 
This process is a great picture (no pun intended) of original intention of God being developed on this earth.  There are intentions developed in secret so the enemy cannot touch them.  Then they go thru the process of birthing the image of God.  You notice the agitation required for the image to be fully developed, but also notice there is development, movement, fixing and washing.  Come on! 

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