Daily Devotions

Subtle Things

Subtle things in the Bible that no one noticed until they were put in place and activated by the timing and purpose of Yahweh: (1) One Hebrew in Pharaoh’s prison (Joseph);  (2) 300 men on a hillside outside a Midianite camp (Gideon);  (3) 14 yr. old with a slingshot (David);  (4) A baby born in an obscure stable (Jesus);  (5) 12 nondescript men sitting at the feet of Jesus (ragtag, imperfect group of disciples);  (6) A little boy’s lunch (feeding of 5,000);  (7) 120 people having a prayer meeting in an upper room (believer-empowering, city-rocking move of Holy Spirit).  Result: History Changed!  Conclusion: Don’t give up!

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