Daily Devotions

Solitary Dot

Kathy — We are never a solitary DOT on a globe. God is always working through more sons’ awareness than yours alone. Also, because of relationship with God and one another, we little DOTS can do something corporately. Then we become one big honkin’ DOT on this earth, a portal, a floodgate for heaven’s incoming changes! So, let’s not waste time considering our participation with Father might be insignificant or of no consequence. In Joel 2:25, the Lord said He would restore the years that the locusts have eaten. One meaning of the root word for locust is “insignificance”. God can restore the times that a sense of insignificance stole your thunder, stole your success, stole your opportunities or stole your fulfillment because you didn’t know how much your obedience mattered or did not realize you were God’s Access Point to family or the workplace or the community or to nations. 

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