Daily Devotions

Tough Places in Life

Kathy — Psalm 139:16 (Paraphrased): “When I had not yet existed for even one moment, I was commissioned by God’s purpose. Before I was even wrapped as an embryo in my mother’s womb I was marked and approved by CocoononlimbGod’s eternal wisdom and greatness.” As surely as we were in the womb being transformed to come forth as a living being, reflecting the likeness of our natural fathers, we are in “cocoons” in life being transformed to reflect the likeness and character of our heavenly Father. What I mean by “cocoons” in life is the tough, tight places in life, times when we are caught in a web of circumstances or conditions that have us troubled, barely able to breathe and can’t see a way out. In “cocoon times”, we can either walk in faith and keep doing what we know to do and realize God is going to utilize it for our growth and development, or we can try to run and escape . . . maybe for an entire lifetime. Or we can take a machete to the thing, pitch a fit and tear up jack! (Of course that very rarely fixes real-life situations and usually makes them worse!) The bottom line is we only do damage when we refuse to change as needed.

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