Daily Devotions

More Than Just One

On occasion, we come across people who talk as though God can heal one thing they are dealing with but He won’t or simply isn’t interested in healing the other things they are congregation prayingsuffering from. In one service, a lady walked up afterward and pretty much communicated that she felt a little frustrated because she felt she had to choose one of several physical needs that had been mentioned in words of knowledge (as though one is all she could have). Recently I ministered three or four words of knowledge in a Sunday service. Monday afternoon the pastor called Kathy and told her that she had received an overhaul in her body in the service. She had been suffering from all of the physical issues mentioned in the words of knowledge that morning. Now she was free of pain and was able to move limbs that had been hindered before. (4th excerpt from Marty’s article “God of the Moment”)

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