Daily Devotions

Message in the Aftermath of Harvey

There are so many kind and thoughtful acts going on in the midst of the anguish and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In scene after scene, day after day on news broadcasts the redemptive character of God Almighty can be seen flowing out of willing, even sacrificial people who give themselves, their energy and their resources without expecting anything in return. When the reporter asked a policeman from another city what made him come to Houston and put himself on the line for another city the policemen replied, “It’s my God-calling”. In the face of darkness, despair and relentless criticism that our nation has been gorging on in recent months, people are stepping up and demonstrating that there is a higher calling from a Higher Power. Many wanted a miraculous sweep of an almighty, unseen hand to sweep over Texas and solve every bit of suffering and waste. But, the answers, the miracles have come in the form of many, many seen hands that have been impassioned and enabled by that same miraculous God as they go about His Kingdom business in His authority and love. So many across the U.S. have bitterly spewed that they can’t see God or that God is hiding Himself, if, in fact, He does actually exist. Just continue watching the news from Texas and if you don’t see God, the only reason can be that you’ve got your heart closed. 


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