Daily Devotions

In Spite of the Dominoes

Have you felt lately that you were being assailed? It is difficult to replace that biblical description of what some of us have been under recently. Fallingdominoes“ASSAIL”: to attack with violence, to assault; to attack with a view to produce changes in the feelings, character or conduct; to shout at. Kathy and I have been assaulted with certain circumstances since the first of the year that have been building like a domino effect. Last night, sitting in my prayer chair, sometime after 2:00am it was as though I could hear a distant, faint laughter accompanied by a taunting voice saying, “And you thought that you would escape such circumstances.” This morning Kathy sat down at the piano amid the dampness and odor of mold and mildew and we began to sing of our Father’s faithfulness and we sang the names of our LORD that we worship and call on when “dominoes” are falling right and left. We decided to make our praises louder, louder than our racing hearts and louder than the clacking and falling “dominoes”. There is ample evidence all around us that we have been assailed but there is also a blessed assurance that our Father is releasing His marvelous favor and lovingkindness in the midst of the assault and the assailant is being put to flight.

”Blessed be the Lord, For He has shown His marvelous favor and lovingkindness
to me [when I was assailed] in a besieged city.” (Ps.31:21, Amp)

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