Daily Devotions

Placeholders for Others

I DECLARE:  **3. We are placeholders for others.
In our faithfulness to stand where God has us standing, in our consistency.
PersonPlaceholder—You may be standing between someone and their destruction and, were you not there, they might just move into that thing or that relationship or that distress that takes them out.
—Perhaps it will even be a position that you fill that is not your life’s call but remains as long as you are there in it until the person who is supposed to fill it is able to arrive at that point.
Moses was a placeholder for Joshua.
Jonathan was a placeholder for David.
Elijah was a placeholder for Elisha.
Paul was a placeholder for Timothy.
—It is like being the shoulders that someone else gets to stand on and start out on. Our ceiling is their floor.
You are a placeholder for your children but very possibly for others.

(Each year these declarations come out of seasons of prayer for those with whom Marty has a degree of influence. If you would like to read all of them CLICK HERE.)


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