Daily Devotions

Respond To The Intimidation

ThinkingManThe spirits that Goliath, Athaliah and Michal characterize are still operating in these days. The point of difficulty we reach in dealing with these spirits is that they employ likely human personalities to most effectively intimidate those pressing forward in change. Individuals and church groups will both face the sting of these characters as we come closer to realizing our destiny. It is the human voice that is intimidating pastors and leaders into digressing from what they joyously began walking in just a few short years ago. The threat of financial loss and the loss of membership are strong factors of intimidation and discouragement that the enemy is using. We must face these facts, identify the facts and scripturally respond to the intimidation.

(This is the fourth excerpt from Marty’s article “Giants, Athaliah and Michal“ which was published in SEEC Magazine [Marty and Kathy’s ministry magazine]. More excerpts will be posted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Previous excerpts may be read by scrolling down this page.)

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