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Interesting, Mysterious, Exciting

Melissa—I have to say, I have been hearing about awakening coming for a while now but had no idea it was going to look like this.  This is… well, it’s an interesting, mysterious, exciting and epic time to be alive.  How should I describe it? It’s like being in one of those super deep naps where dreams MG MSG KCPromo 3-4-19seem like reality, and when the alarm goes off it’s almost painful and confusing.  It’s that kind of nap where it takes a minute to not only regain consciousness, but you have to decipher what was the dream and what is real.  This is the best way I know how to describe this awakening.  I think I thought it was mainly going to be people waking up to God and looking for Him, and we would all be ready to introduce them.  Well, I was a tad off.  This thing is definitely beyond my logic and realm of standard operation.  I hope you can come with me over the next few posts as I ask the question, “What are we awakening to?”

Waking Up

Melissa—Over the last several years I have heard many times that awakening is coming and I liked the sound of that! I’m all for it! I didn’t realize, however, until very recently that I had a very specific view of what that awakening would look like.  Over the last month my perspective is being shifted and awakening is starting to look differently than I originally had it all figured out.  So, I’m just going to be transparent about what I realized I was thinking it would look like.  

I grew up in the church — like for real, grew up IN the church.  My parents, grandpa, and many other family members were and are in ministry and I currently work on staff at my church.  I’m saying all of this to help frame where my definition of awakening came from.  My initial and long running view of awakening was, for the most part, that there would be some sort of mass experience that would cause people to look for, cry out for, or long for God.  They would run to local churches or people they knew were Christians seeking to know their Creator and we would just have glorious services of people getting saved and set free and beautiful times of worship.  Now, I’m not saying none of these elements will happen, but this is actually a very limited view of what awakening is.  The Holy Spirit has been mercifully expressing that to me. I hope that in the next few posts I write about “Waking Up” we may be able to enlarge our capacity and expectation for the awesome awakening coming upon us and our nation.