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Don’t Miss Ordained Opportunities

MPG Grace 4-5-20Marty — John fulfilled his course (Acts 13:25). He stayed the course and remained in that position of preparing the way throughout his life. Even though he may well have wrestled with doubt while in prison, John did what he had to do in order to stay the course, even enlisting the help of others (Matt. 11:2-3) so that he might not miss the divinely ordained opportunities of the moment.

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Staying The Course

MPG Grace 4-5-20Starting on course is a great deal easier than staying the course. The admirable intentions we begin with may fall prey to the wily snares of unexpected interruptions, self-pity and obligations to family, friends and all of human kind. Starting on course and staying the course may prove to be very costly. But the loss of that which would never be gained is inestimable. 2Tim.4:7,TPT—“I have fought an excellent fight. I have finished my full course with all my might and I’ve kept my heart full of faith.”

A Part to Play

We are part of a great plan of God that has been intricately designed from before the foundation of the world. Added to the dimension of personal issues and concerns is the dimension that each of us has a part to play out in that great design. Eph.2:10, TPT — “We have become his poetry, a re-created people that will fulfill the destiny he has given each of us, for we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it!.” Those who stay the course AND those who do not will both have an effect. (2Tim.4:10) 

The Sea-Splitter and the Course

Someone must stay the course out of Egypt and must take a stand before the Red Sea without screaming for and demanding relief, so that there can be witness to the fact that this mighty God truly is a sea-splitter. Most everyone simply desires to read about a sea-splitting God rather than being the one who was on the course that He had to split the sea for. There are a lot of people out there who need to hear from someone who has experienced, first-hand, the undeniable power of the Sea-Splitter but they are only going to hear it from someone who has stayed the course in spite of weighty and uncomfortable pressures—someone who has anticipated an end that perhaps no one has imagined.  (The eighth excerpt from Marty’s article “Anticipation Nation”)