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A Positive Outlook


May the people of God develop the habit of
interjecting a positive outlook when we
discover ourselves in the midst of mindless
and hopeless drivel. 

“When everything was hopeless, Abraham
believed anyway, deciding to live not on the
basis of what he saw he couldn’t do but on
what God said He would do. ” (Rom.4:18a, Msg)

Melissa Gabler and the Grace Worship Band
Worship Tracks 1 and 2 from SEEC Kingdom Conference 2014
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Don’t Settle For Anything Less

Would you buy a bird without a song or a dog without a bark? Then don’t “buy” anything from the devil or this world system that is less than what God has promised. If you went to a hospital to have a baby bird singingand they brought out a large doll and said, “This is your baby,” would you just simply accept it “because that’s the way things are, that’s just the way things worked out this time?” Would you accept just a picture of your paycheck because your boss talked you into believing that it is a reasonable facsimile thereof? No you wouldn’t because you know very well that it would not be the real thing and you could not spend it. Therefore, don’t settle for anything less than the full promise of God which you know full well (cf.Rom.4:18).

(This is the first excerpt in a series about “Don’t Settle For Anything Less” from Marty Gabler’s book “Why Sheep Have Short Legs,” Chapter Two.)

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