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Aware of Father

Kathy — Another daily Kingdom lifestyle challenge is to be aware of what Father is doing. We are sons and daughters of God living on earth in this time of history to do our Father’s business. His business translates as what we SEE or PERCEIVE that He is doing or wants done. The example that Jesus gave us for a Kingdom lifestyle doesn’t depend on us duplicating His exact situations or His exact miracles. The pattern He gave was doing what He saw the Father doing (Jn.5:19). That tells us the core essential here is not WHAT Jesus did but WHY He did it. Can you wrap your mind around that difference? If you don’t, you could live your whole life with a sense of not measuring up because you haven’t fed 5000 people with one little boy’s lunch. Unless YOU see the Father wanting you to do that, don’t even try it! If you live constantly focused on how you are or are not duplicating the acts of Jesus, you are not likely to even PERCEIVE what the Father is doing in any given moment.