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Strategic Dreams

“Indeed God speaks once, or twice, {yet} no one notices it. In a dream, a vision of the night, when sound sleep falls on men, while they slumber in their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction,” Job 33:14-16.(NAU)  I am continually amazed at the strategic dreams God SleepDreamsends in the night. I consider strategic dreams to be those timely telegrams that confirm direction or give instruction or release insight and understanding about our lives and circumstances.  These dreams can bring answers when we need them as well as bring answers to questions we don’t even know to ask.    

Strategic dreams and visions can become un-carnal weapons in our lives.  “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.  For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,” (NKJ) 2 Cor 10:3-4. We can access God’s arsenal of un-carnal weapons by seeking Him.  We become skillful with His weapons as we learn His ways. We learn His ways by paying attention to the truth He reveals and by submitting to His order and following through on His directions.  Our Creator’s creativity is unlimited!  He has unique, customized weapons in His arsenal that will counter any weapon ever formed against us, (Isa 54:17).  

(This is an excerpt from Chapter One of Kathy’s book “The Heart of Dreams” This is the third edition with more content and more symbols.)
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