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Who Told You That You Were Naked?

Who told you you were naked? (Gen.3:11) Are you going to live under your own lookintodistanceopinion of yourself or trust the complete provision of His righteousness and His judgments concerning you? We can live our lives confident of God’s acceptance through Christ or live trying to prove self to self. Without trust in God, we live self-focused lives, never lifting our eyes to even see destiny, much less be enabled to pursue it.—Kathy Gabler

Sound In The Garden

gardenWe first see the connection between Kingdom and dominion in the garden. God’s creation was reflecting His governmental order as in heaven and God created Adam to be His earthly-dominion-agent. (Gen 1:28) Adam was to rule over: all God had created in earth: fish, fowl, animals and all creepers in it. There was no opposition to hinder God’s order in the garden. Communion between God and Adam was unobstructed. (The essential Father/son relationship was alive and well.)  So in Gen. 3, when the voice or sound of the Lord came walking in the garden, that was nothing unusual except that, earlier that day, there was another voice or sound in the garden, a hiss, a whisper of the serpent.  (The root word for serpent in Hebrew is “hiss” which means “whisper, enchant or prognosticate.”)  He slithered into the garden with a whisper, and he slithered out with a stolen taste of dominion.  Under the influence of that trespasser’s sound, man gave the devil a seat on his board of dominion.

(This is the fourth excerpt from Kathy’s SEEC Magazine article “Advancing The Kingdom Through Dominion.” Excerpts will appear on this page Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays.)


“Advancing The Kingdom” — Kathy’s message from the SEEC
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A Perfect Pair Of Brakes

Kathy and I grew up around church kids and minister’s kids. We know many for whom hurts and disappointments drove mean brakes1wedges between them and the Holy Spirit. That resulted in their not wanting anything to do with ministers or churches or Christians and. . . eventually God. The devil didn’t have to kill them to stop their progress in the destiny they were born with. The kids I’m talking about are ones that the obvious Hand and purpose of God was upon them. All satan has to do, in many cases, to bring a screeching halt to purposeful progress is to ask, “Did God say?” (Gen.3) A doubt offered and a doubt received is a perfect pair of brakes to stop most any vehicle. “Well, if God loved you, this would be a certain way and the other thing would be what ‘it ought to be’.” Just because our lives are not perfect does not mean that God doesn’t love us.

(This is the sixth excerpt from Marty’s article “The Governor’s Power” taken from Marty & Kathy’s ministry magazine, SEEC Magazine Volume 17 Issue 5. More excerpts will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The article in its entirety may be read at this link: https://martygabler.com/articles/)


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