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Anticipating the Power of the Kingdom

Considering anticipating the power of the Kingdom, I set out to find some equipping insights or basics to walk out that anticipation in real life.  I started by finding a definition of anticipation is “an impression in advance,” so it is an impression of Kingdom Power in advance of experiencing it. Anticipation is a realization before it happens, so it is a realization of Kingdom Power before it happens. Anticipation is a foretaste, so it is tasting Kingdom Power before it’s time to eat! For three-plus years, Jesus demonstrated the Power of the Kingdom and that produced ANTICIPATION, an impression, a realization and a foretaste.  He did this through healing and deliverance and powerful gifts of the Spirit and through taking dominion over weather, fish, fig trees, death and demons.  (The first excerpt from Kathy’s article “Anticipating the Power of the Kingdom”)