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Confronting and Declaring

I’ve told you about Hermana Cruz who had a robber put a gun to her head in front of her daughter’s house. A few weeks later, this same lady was in the teller’s line at the bank and noticed hooded men at the head of the line trying to commit robbery.  She stepped out of line and went to face off with the robbers and declared to them they wouldn’t get out of that bank with more than a dollar! While she confronted them, it seemed they were blinded and didn’t even see the teller contacting the police.  The robbers ended up grabbing the cash on the counter and running out of the bank with about $0.80!  The next day the headlines read: “Old Lady Stops Bank Robbery!”  (Seventh excerpt from Kathy Gabler’s SEEC Magazine article “Sons Must Get It”.)


The Word Of God Is Working In You

MG_smile_bkgrdMarty brings an encouraging word in this 2 min. audio.

The Word of God is working in you!

Click on this link to listen: http://martygabler.podomatic.com/entry/2013-10-30T07_51_04-07_00