Daily Devotions


Scriptural Courage

When God is keeping His people on His timetable it will require constant change on the part of those people. If we take an honest look at Eph 4:13-16, we will admit that we have not arrived. Change in the Church across the board is what we have to look forward to. Sameness is not the answer. As we hunger for the Holy Spirit’s presence in carrying out our Heavenly Father’s mandate, there will be likely human personalities who will resist. As we continue to receive prophecies that propel us forward into our destiny, there will be opposing forces that will attempt to intimidate and discourage us from doing mighty exploits. The 10 spies will cry, “Giants!” The Athaliahs will yell, “Treason!” The Michals will tauntingly proclaim, “Vile!” And the Sanballats will accusingly shout, “Rebellion!” If we check our mandate and our motivation and find them to be scriptural as David did, then let’s allow it to become our courage.


Change for the Good

May your phone ring with blessings, change for the good and favor.
“But every good endowment that we possess and every complete gift that we have received must come from above, from the Father of all lights, with whom there is never the slightest variation or shadow of inconsistency.” (Js.1:17, Phillips)

Circle of Sameness

Sanballat, who was pointing the finger and doing the name-calling, was from a city of Moab. Great recommendation! What does he know about promise? Moab is the place in the Bible where all manner of murmuring went on. Furthermore, the foundation of the nation of Moab is incest (Gen 19:37). Incestuous thought cycles (thoughts that never receive any input from any other source) produce little or contaminated revelation which curses coming generations. There are people who only think thoughts that have been thought by their little group. They never receive anything from anyone outside their little circle of sameness. They rarely entertain a fresh thought.  Isn’t that just typical? Typically, the people who proclaim that “this” is not a move of God or “that” couldn’t be God wouldn’t know a move of God if it came down Main Street wearing a red hat!

God Still Can

As the people of God assemble today, may they realize and be encouraged that what God Almighty did in the Bible He still can and will do today.    “Our God and King, You have ruled since ancient time; You have won victories everywhere on this earth.” (Ps.74:12, CEV)

Upsetting the Status Quo

Sanballat represents those who misrepresent change.  Sanballat is the “accuser of the brethren.” Nehemiah was doing great. He had a mandate from God. Changes had to be made in order to stay in alignment with that mandate. It didn’t make Nehemiah popular but at least he was obedient to God. Not only did Nehemiah have to labor under the stress of wall-building, he was also dealing with false accusations. Just as the new changes were really making a difference, Sanballat begins to point the bony finger and yell, “Rebellion!” (Neh 2:19). The changes were building up the wall and filling in the gap that left the Israelites exposed to the enemy but the good changes were misrepresented and called “rebellion against the king.” They were called rebellious against the present order of things. For those who are the guardians of “status quo,” any change is considered rebellion. Those who change what has been done redundantly for years or decades are called rebellious. Since no one wants the label “rebellious” and since there are such severe warnings in the Bible for those who are “rebellious,” that name-calling becomes an ominous intimidation. The implication is, “Back off or you will suffer the consequences of rebellion.”

The Language of the Spirit

We cannot go into the future speaking the common language of fear, lack, doom and deterioration. When Peter, out of great concern for Jesus’ safety, demanded that Jesus speak the language of self-preservation rather than the language of self-sacrifice, Jesus declared, “Get behind me, Satan.” (Mt 16:23) We must move in that delegated “power of rule” that Jesus has been given so that we may victoriously lead others into the future. The language of the “power of rule” is the language of the Throne (position of rule). Jesus is seated at the right hand of God’s Throne (Eph 1:20) and we are seated with Christ in heavenly places (2:6). We must receive that language by the Holy Spirit if we are to bring the power of the Throne into earth (Lk 12:12;Jn 12:49;14:26;16:7). That language cannot be readily used unless we have spent time in the Word and in prayer, even to the point that Holy Spirit prays through us with His groanings, His language (Rom 8:26).

And The Moment Before

(Kathy Gabler) – I sat alone downstairs at the piano, not really playing any particular song but simply flowing in sounds that came with His presence.  I did not intend to sing but these words slipped out of my heart, “You are the Lord of this moment.”  As soon as my words met the air, like an echo response I heard, “AND THE MOMENT BEFORE.”  I could not have explained the sudden weeping had anyone overheard it, for it was a gusher from my heart outside my logic or understanding.  Then when my understanding did open, the weeping would not stop. It was a powerful reminder that His provision is there before the problem.

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