Daily Devotions

Distorting the Truth

KATHY—Like a cunning lawyer, a bully will distort the truth to his advantage. If he presents an either/or solution, you can be sure he is not presenting the whole picture and you would be foolish to embrace the “either” or the “or”.  Israel stood captive in the prison of  “either/or thinking” that a bully had built. We must not be deceived by any contrary circumstance or by any opposing force or by any bully into believing that life has come to an either/or box that God cannot get into!  Either/or thinking that is defined by our opponent is designed to cause tunnel vision. The either/or thinking that comes from darkness shuts down any revealing light, any expectation and any God-based faith.  Such either/or thinking closes the door to options and will never factor in Almighty God!  Only in hind-sight can workers of darkness see that they cannot factor Almighty God out! Goliath had a whole army believing: EITHER you come as healthy slaves OR you will be drug along as wounded-in-battle slaves! No wonder Israel stayed in indecision for over a month! And no wonder Goliath patiently pursued his agenda for over a month: the big bully was psychologically turning warriors into slaves on a daily basis.

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