Daily Devotions

Something Resembling the Power of Resurrection

Martin P Gabler–When we find Samson slumping at the grinding mill we find a man who has given in to defeats and who has succumbed to degrading treatment and an aching heart. By the time we get to Jud.16:22 the record would indicate that he has begun to think about past victories. Something is going on because the Bible says that his hair began to grow again. Something resembling the power of resurrection is beginning to have an effect in him. We have something going on inside the man that is being evidenced on the outside. Dr. Jamieson puts it this way: “His hair grew together with his repentance, and his strength with his hair”. Matthew Henry offers: “The return of his hair was not the source of his strength. The return of his hair was the sign of his return to his purpose. His return to his Nazariteship was signified by his extraordinary hair growth”. With repentance comes strength. 

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