Daily Devotions

Did They Get it all Wrong?

MELISSA—In the last post I shared an encounter I had with Sir Winston Churchill and scenes and statements he made keep playing on repeat in my head.  In one scene in particular He and I were walking into the core of this nation and the land was scorched and completely devastated by this current war we are in. The cocktail of fearmongering, extreme indoctrination, lies, corruption, evil and depravity has created a mess of this nation.  

I’ll get back to the Winston Churchill encounter but I have to ask, how did we get in such a mixed up mess? How is this administration in office?  Did we not pray and fast enough? What happened with the prophets? Did they just get it all wrong?

Let’s answer a question with a question.  Did the prophets miss it or did they step into the future and bring something back that doesn’t fit inside man’s timeline, structures, or government? Did they bring back divine strategy that’s bringing down man’s coma-inducing agenda? Are we so unaccustomed to miracles that we limit our hope to the boundaries of man’s timeline, structure, and government? Oh boy, this is all so much bigger than we understand at the moment and no, I don’t believe the prophets all went crazy and got it wrong.  When you are so accustomed to living a sub-standard life due to fearmongering, extreme indoctrination, lies, corruption, evil and depravity in media, education, entertainment, and religion the true intentions of God cause a massive uproar. That massive uproar is awakening. Things have to be shaken to WAKE. US. UP.  

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