Daily Devotions

Getting Ready for the Next Level

Dan.2:22,LB—“He reveals profound mysteries beyond man’s understanding. He knows all hidden things, for He is light, and darkness is no obstacle to Him.”
God takes us to a NEW LEVEL so we can be more aware, more sensitive, more discerning, more influential, so we can understand more so we can be more of an encouragement and blessing. He has been and is equipping us for that NEXT LEVEL of understanding and function. Father wants us to overcome present opposition so we might be prepared to meet the NEXT LEVEL of challenges. Now, and in the NEXT LEVEL, we are casting off doubting and fear and courageously reaching forward to Christ Jesus Who is so graciously reaching out to us. DVP2022 will be a special gathering where those of like heart will be inspired and equipped to hear their Lord in dreams, visions and prophecy.
All information for DVP2022 is at martygabler com/dvp/

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