Daily Devotions

Entertaining Possibilities

Melissa—Let me give you a personal example of what the Holy Spirit was talking about when He said, “You have shown hospitality to things that have shaped your life.” “You have harbored things that have shaped your belief system.”  A couple of days after hearing this I ended up with a throw-up headache.  The following day I was driving, again, and was all caught up in making plans on how I would deal with one of these headaches if I was out in public.  I was literally deciding on if I would try to get to a bathroom or just run outside to throw up when the Holy Spirit breaks right into the middle of this thought and says, “You are entertaining having headaches for the rest of your life.” There was a moment of stunned silence, then I realized that is exactly what I was doing while planning an emergency throw up evacuation plan.  Wow.  Just wow.  I realized that things like this have been shaping my life and how I operate and prepare me for the worst to come.  I have been entertaining the worst to come treating it like it’s a guest for me to give honor and my time.  I was giving this horrible thing my agreement.  It’s quite miserable to entertain a future that is the opposite of what God planned and provided.  

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