Daily Devotions

Prepared for new Level

Melissa—As I was praying for friends in difficult situations, all of a sudden I saw something being ripped in half and I hear, “No longer subjugated.” Now, the Lord didn’t just say, “No longer subjugated”, but He also tore something apart.  Could that have been a principality that He tore up? Perhaps one that has been sitting all high and mighty but met it’s doomsday? Gotta say, I really like the sound of that!  Then a couple of days after this tremendous insight I heard, “The page has turned”. Not only did He shred something, but right behind it He turned a page.  We are at a point for which we have been waiting and hoping.  I know a lot of us feel like it has taken forever but we have had to acclimate to be able to shift into the next place. We’ve needed to be prepared for this new level, this new reality.  The old norm can’t function at this level.  The old norm operated under subjugation, but now it’s time to operate in a realm of freedom like we’ve not seen.

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