Daily Devotions

Stay in the Raft

We need a handle to hold on to for the tomorrows to come. On a documentary about the Colorado River I saw a raft full of people going through rapids. The guy at the very back of the raft was not holding on good and when the raft hit some very turbulent water he flew up into the air, flipped over backwards and hit the water while the raft simply continued down the river with all the other adventurers still inside. We need a handle to hold on to because our nation is in the rapids and is going through some turbulent water but we have a raft (Isa.46:10; 2Pe.1:19). We have heard what many, who are called prophets, have said and we have heard what politicians and advisors have said but we need to stay in the raft, we need to know what God’s Word says. In the day of Noah, while the world was deteriorating around him, Noah had a raft. It was the preparation of God for those who would heed His voice. Jesus is still the solid Rock. Recent and threatening events have not turned Him into a pebble. There is Someone solid for us to cast our anchor on. Stay in the raft.

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  1. Becca


    July 2, 2022 at 12:29 pm

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