Daily Devotions

Is God’s Intent Optional?

Kathy—If you were raised in a traditional church environment like I was, concepts like “binding” and “loosing” (Matt.16:19) can seem almost too radical and even border on blasphemy.  And we all know church-goers who never think about these keys to the Kingdom and never attempt to bind or lose or allow or disallow anything.  We also know church people who never think about sonship or dominion and very likely have never felt the least bit equipped to speak to a storm and say, “Peace be still.” So there is not an Ekklesia heart in every Christian that would cause them to rise up and confront contradictions to the will of God.  Nor does every Christian have confidence that they have the means to make a God difference in their own life, much less make a God difference in a business or a community or a court or a nation.  However, Jesus clearly told us that He is building a Church, a People, and He gives them the keys they need to deal with life matters and bring about God changes and God outcomes.  So we really need to unplug from the idea that using these keys is optional.  Being His Ekklesia is not like choosing new car options of whether you want heated seats or not!  In fact, you may find yourself in the hot seat if you consider these matters optional, since that is really considering God’s intent for His Church as optional.  Some things simply aren’t optional, they are obedience.

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