Daily Devotions

Walking All the Way Through

David said, “Yea though I walk. He didn’t say, “Though I step in for a moment and then step back out. (Most folks don’t get that kind of brief experience.)That valley is not two or three feet long, it is a long enough experience for a man to write, “I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death”. He was in that thing long enough to experience what that entity could press against him with. That shadow, that pressing is evil. The thief has come to steal to kill and to destroy (Jn.10:10). The word just before destroy is “AND”. He has come to do all of it and that evil that is in the valley is set on attempting all three actions. That evil has come to take you out through whatever means are available to it. It will use anything we will agree with. David was facing unconventional threats with that shadow of death. It wasn’t simply a matter of a fever or throwing up. He was in a low place, under the shadow where there was little to no light getting down into that spot, a place of little to no revelation, little to no relief, little to no encouragement. But his response was, “I will fear NO evil for THOU art with me” (Ps.23:4).

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