Daily Devotions

What is it That Hell Cannot Prevail Against?

Kathy—The exchange between Jesus and Peter in Matt.16:17-18 (“I will build my church”) establishes three things about the Ekklesia: 1) The Ekklesia or The Church is a called out people rather than a local building designated as a House of God.  2) The Ekklesia or The Church is a called out people because they have the revelation that Jesus is the Christ, the God-sent Anointed One and they know Him to be the Son of God Son, their Lord and Savior.  3) The Ekklesia or The Church is a called out people who will not be conquered when hell’s opposition enters their life and circumstances!  Although this conversation between Jesus and Peter should take us beyond typical, local-church-thinking, there are people who go to church every Sunday and are not aware of the Ekklesia that hell cannot prevail against.  And there are believers who simply don’t always remember that hell cannot prevail, especially on hellish days. (Personally, I can sometimes be a hot mess before I remember I’m a called out one that hellishness cannot overpower!) (More to come on this subject in my next post)

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