Daily Devotions

In the Midst of Hurried Frenzy

Melissa — For several weeks after Holy Spirit told me, “Your life is about to change drastically” He would remind me what He told me and I would get excited. Well, the day of “drastic” came… suddenly. Simply put, it called for a sudden and drastic change of location. Let’s just say, this was not the “drastic” I was hoping for. In the midst of the hurried frenzy Holy Spirit would once again remind me that He told me this was coming. It really did help, but I had to let it help. I had to choose to get past my disappointed victimhood and find peace in the fact that God is right in the middle of whatever is going on right now. I have to admit that I did not just settle into that place of peace in the midst of God shifting things. The disappointment turned into a bare-knuckle battle daily. I had to calm myself and take a firm stand on the Word of God. (Part 2 of 7)

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