Daily Devotions

Chaos to Order

There cannot be a chaos anywhere as big and consuming as the one in Genesis Chapter One when the earth was without form and void. Yet, there was a move from “CHAOS” to “INHABITED”. There must be a process toward order for there to be a condition of “inhabited” (order). There must be an exposing of that which is out of order. There is much unrighteousness and evil and hidden agendas being exposed in our nation in order that there may be an accountability. When Israel and individuals in the Old Testament flaunted God’s laws and refused to adhere to His principles for life and community, He turned them over to civil government. There is much of God’s laws and principles which are being violated and there are very many who are doing it, therefore, there will be a great deal of commotion in society and great effects upon culture as the requirements of law are executed by God-ordained authorities.  We must, therefore, pray and declare the victory of those who stand in the God-ordained positions of civil government to have the insight and wisdom to bring justice. Father God’s intention is always to move us from chaos to order. Didn’t He do just that when He saved you by His grace and the blood of Jesus? He is taking this nation ordained for His purposes through the process toward order and He is able to keep those which are His while He brings His righteous judgments.

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