Daily Devotions

To Develop a Kingdom Lifestyle

Kathy — Seeing or perceiving and participating to develop a Kingdom lifestyle cannot be taught or explained in a cookie-cutter fashion because firstly, there’s a uniqueness in how each of us see or perceive, and secondly, there are definite variations in how we participate. We are individual sons, not cookie-cutter Christians. To illustrate some of the uniquenesses and variations in sons and daughters, I will use personal examples of how He prompts and enables us to participate with Him. Rest assured, I do not use myself as an example because I think I am an expert or something special on a stick. On the contrary, I figure if Father has the patience to work with this single-focused-Sally, He will patiently work with any of His kids until they perceive and participate with Him. (Marty and Melissa both tell me all the time that God must be rolling His eyes at me, but I don’t let them bother me. ☺) 

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