Daily Devotions

What Gets Bigger Than God?

Kathy — Consider David. His self-government completely crashed as he committed big time sin that had big time consequences. Most people would have crawled in a hole to eat worms and die (especially after a big prophet exposed it all), but David took personal responsibility and owned his mess.  That positioned him to repent (2Sam.12:13). He didn’t act like Adam and try to hide after he sinned.  Neither did he spend the rest of his life cowering as unworthy or continually seeking reassurance that God still accepted him.  No, in fact, after he repented, he begged God to change His plan and spare the child born out of adultery.  Who would have the nerve to ask God for mercy at this point?  Even after his self-image took a big hit publicly, David didn’t allow condemnation to seep in the cracks.  It wasn’t that he was a simple-minded optimist, nor was he thinking in terms of deserving this, he  was  simply convinced God loved him.  None of David’s mess-ups ever got bigger to him than God.  He remained “a man after God’s own heart,” who continued to see himself as a son just like God did. That’s relationship.  That’s a strong family bond and some awesome sonship!
(Kathy will be speaking at Dreams Visions Prophecy – Sept.10-12 – Grace Church Willis)

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