Daily Devotions

Agreeing With God and His Word

When harassment and affliction and irritations and attacks reach their peak, the enemy is defending the threshold of promise. He fights dirty and he is persistent. biblepagereadHe will start fires and battles just to distract us and delay us, hoping we will get exhausted or lose direction or miss God’s timing. May we remember these wars are about character issues even though evil and circumstances seem to be the problems. The key to prevailing is to agree with God and His word. The strategy to prevail is to submit ourselves to God and trust Him. That breaks down to our daily behavior. We cannot ignore godly counsel. We cannot make our decisions based on how we feel instead of what we know to be true. We cannot mouth our discouragements and frustrations and fears, (thereby giving them strength through agreement). We cannot forget His principles and try to survive by our zeal or stubbornness. We dare not exchange the promise of God for a bowl of relief as Esau did. —Kathy Gabler

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