Daily Devotions

The Weight of the Information

God doesn’t ask a question because He is looking for information. He asks questions ManStandBiblebecause He already has the information. He asks questions to get the person being asked to realize the weight of the information. In Num 11:23 The Lord said to Moses, “Is the Lord’s power limited?” Evidently the Lord had to ask the question which begged the answer because Moses had been talking and acting as though the Lord’s power is indeed limited, or perhaps he was beginning to consider someone else’s opinion on the subject. Moses must come to the realization of the information so he can decide where he is going to take a stand. Instead of getting all up under condemnation and feeling badly for allowing such a false view of God to creep in upon his considerations, Moses must say, “Wait a minute. God’s power is not limited, nor has it ever been!” Come up to a higher view than the one that is dragging you down.

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