Daily Devotions

No Chain too Great for God to Break

There are certain things we can expect if we have been “eating” things like the gruel of bitterness or disappointment. Such a diet renders one unable to give birth. There is no birthing of the promise of God in an embittered spirit. That which God ChainsBreakingdesires to perform in and through us has no “fertile womb” in which it can be conceived when infected by bitterness. A wounded spirit is more difficult to heal than a broken body. It is more subtle, yet more devastating.  Cf.”A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones (Prov.17:22).”  Fraud, adultery and divisions in organized religion have not together taken a toll on the church to the extent that embittered spirits have. But no matter how devastated you may be, God has prepared deliverance. Before Israel could even come up with a plan of escape, God had a plan in a deliverer called Moses. No prison or chain is too great or too old for God to break (cf.Jer.30:8).
(Excerpt from Marty Gabler’s book “Sheep Have Short Legs”)
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