Daily Devotions

From Stuck to Moving

In Kentucky, a lady walked up and told me what the Lord had done for her when I was there six months earlier. She had been sitting in the service with a damaged HandsRaisedWorshipshoulder. She had to cradle her left arm with her right arm and was in very much pain. She said that she was beginning to wonder if she was going to be able to stay in the service because her shoulder was hurting so bad. She said that her muscles were torn in three places and she was already scheduled for surgery. I had a word of knowledge that the Lord was healing a shoulder. She said that, immediately, the pain stopped! She thought, “Wow, I might be healed!” She let go of her left arm and there was still no pain. She moved her arm out to the side and still no pain. She then began to move it around in a circle and discovered that she had no pain whatsoever! She had to cancel the surgery. And six months later, she showed me that she was still healed and could vigorously move that arm around without any pain. Praise the name of the Lord! (5th excerpt from Marty’s article “God of the Moment”)

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